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Sin City Gummies


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Flavor: Hybrid

Naturally derived from 100% legally grown hemp. Contains <0.3% Total THC and is compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Sin City Gummies has pulled out all the stops on their NEW Full Spectrum 100 mg THC gummies that taste so good it’s sinful.  Each gummy comes individually sealed in a blister pack and precisely dosed making for a user experience so blissful it could be a sin.  Sin City Gummies has raised the bar with their food and medical grade blister packs that are childproof, but user friendly.


Sin City Gummies is holding nothing back and changing the way the hemp industry will ever look at Full Spectrum Gummies ever again!  Sin City Gummies has a line of Dispensary Grade Full Spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies that will leave you feeling amazing from all the Full Spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes working together synergistically like mother nature intended, but leave you thinking, how the f^@% are these legal?


Legal…. of course Sin City Gummies are legal.  Sin City Gummies has gone the extra mile when it comes to legality and compliance.  Sin City Gummies has made sure every single step of the process has been tracked and traced from start to finish.  We start at the soil and it doesn’t end at the oil.  We track our product all the way to the consumer ensuring consumer satisfaction and safety with every lot and batch.  Sin City Gummies has everything tested at a 3rd party DEA registered lab for potency, compliance, microbial, and residuals.  All products come with a Certificate Of Analysis showing batch test results. 


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